Knowing The Right Way To Treat Opposing Fans At A Baseball Game

As summer moves further along, one thing this means is that baseball season moves further along as well – and if you live close to a Major League team, this can be a great way for you to go out with a friend, your family, or your significant other for a fun, relaxing evening. But when you go to a baseball game (despite the fact that you went to relax!) it can be easy to get caught up in the competitive spirit of the sport with fans of the opposing team; it is fun to engage in banter with fans of the opposing team, but if you do so, you should always keep these rules in mind.

Firstly, realize that this is not a life-or-death situation, and that it is merely a baseball game – a game, that is, in which neither of you are actually competing! If an opposing fan starts to turn nasty with the comments or statements they are making to you, extricate yourself from the conversation, as it is not worth getting into a fight over two baseball teams that neither of you actually play for!

As you cheer for your team, and as you engage the fans around you, you should also keep in mind that these other fans paid good money for their seats as well, and that they probably came out to the game for the same reason you did – to have a relaxing evening. Widgets

The most enjoyable baseball games are those during which fans from opposing sides can razz one another during the game, “talking trash” back and forth, but after which the fans from both sides can shake hands, say “good game,” and say that they had a fun time. This desired end result should remain in the front of your mind when you are at a baseball game around fans of the opposing team; if you are in a situation where you will be unable to end the game in that manner (regardless of whether the fault lies with you or with “the other guy”), you should remove yourself from that interaction and simply enjoy the game!


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