Picking A Spot To Set Up Your Tent When Camping

When most people go on a camping trip, they automatically assume they will not get a good night’s sleep, assuming this is a sacrifice they must make for the treat of spending time in the great outdoors. But what many of these people fail to realize is that it is actually quite possible to get a great night’s sleep while camping; while there are foam mattresses and self-inflating mattresses that can help you to get a better night of sleep, getting a good night of sleep while camping can actually be as simple as knowing how to pick a good spot!

Before you pick a spot where you plan to set up camp for the night, think about the bed you sleep on; while you will not be able to find an area that has as much cushion as your bed provides, you can still do a good job emulating your bed to a certain degree.

As you do not want to be sleeping on a downhill or uphill slope (and you especially do not want to be sleeping on a side-to-side slope), the first thing you should look at when picking a camping spot is how flat the ground is.

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Secondly, you need to try to pick an area that does not have many (if any) rocks and sticks. While this might seem like an obvious consideration, realize that when you choose a grassy area to set up your tent (which is what most people do, as tall grass can look so soft and inviting!), it is difficult to see what the ground really looks like; instead of choosing a grassy area, choose an area with more dirt so you can see what the ground really looks like.

Finally, you will want to clear as much of the area as you can before you set up your tent. This is a good job for even young kids. This will give you a much better sleeping surface, and this will mean a much better night of sleep!


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