How To Control Anger As A Parent

When it comes to children, it can be easy at times to react to them in anger – and with all the stuff that goes on as a parent, it would be very difficult for anyone to blame you for getting upset! Good parents focus on “disciplining” the child, rather than “punishing” him or her. Discipline focuses on teaching, not inflicting pain or shame.

In order to avoid acting out of anger toward your children, you need to have a very firm understanding of yourself, knowing if you are calm enough to discipline your child effectively and consistently.

When your child does something wrong, and you are upset, ask yourself if you’re upset with the child or the choice your child made. If you’re upset about the choice, go ahead sit them down and talk to them about their decision, and then enact the consequences. If you recognize that you are actually upset with your child, you need to explain this to your child (saying something like, “Daddy/Mommy needs a minute to cool off” will suffice), and then you can ask them to wait in their room (or in your room) until you are ready to talk to them. Widgets

Give yourself time to cool down completely before you go to talk to your child, as this will be a big part of raising children who grow into well-adjusted adults. Once you start paying attention to this aspect of parenting – making sure you are punishing the “action” rather than the “child,” and parenting out of love rather than out of anger – you will be on your way to raising children who turn out the way you hoped they would turn out when they were born!


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