Tips For Keeping Your Charcoal Grill Clean

With summer coming up, you will probably be putting your charcoal grill to good use, but while you can achieve the best “barbecue taste” possible by using a charcoal grill, you can also end up with a subpar taste if you do not know how to clean your grill correctly. And what you may not have realized about cleaning a charcoal grill is that you should actually clean it twice – not per summer, but every time you use it!

You will first clean your grill before you even start grilling; use a wire brush to clean the grate, and then coat it with a thin film of oil; you will clean the grill again after you finish cooking, waiting until the grate cools and using the wire brush on it again!

You should also remove the ashes from the collector pan beneath the grill while you are cleaning the grate for the second time; a lot of people allow these ashes to build up for weeks, but when you do this, you will impede air flow (which will be bad for cooking), and you will collect moisture (which will be bad for the grill, as it can cause it to rust).

A lot of people worry about the grease that builds up on the walls of the grill (or on the lid of the grill), but unless you are worried about appearances, there is no need to clean these out throughout the year, as this will have no negative impact on the way your grill performs. You should wait until the end of “grilling season” to worry about these; before you store your grill for the winter, you should use soap, water, and a steel wood pad to completely scrub and clean your grill so that it will be in great shape when you start up again next year! Widgets

When you give your charcoal grill the proper care, it will last for ages, and all along it will give you that delicious charcoal grilling taste you desired when you purchased the grill in the first place!


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