Natural Energy Foods

The prevalence of coffee shops in today’s society – as well as the aggressive marketing campaigns of such energy drinks as Red Bull and Five-Hour Energy – suggests that many Americans suffer from a lack of energy, and they turn to these “supplements” to boost their energy every single day. But while such options as coffee or energy drinks certainly work, there is a better way to get the energy your body needs – and it is by simply making sure you take care of your body each day in the right way!

Vitamin D and vitamin E are two of the vitamins your body most requires for energy: Vitamin D comes from the sun, but since most of us do not get enough sun each day to supply us with the vitamin D we need, you should aim to get vitamin D from baked or steamed seafood and dark leafy greens; Vitamin E, on the other hand, can be found in such foods as raw almonds, walnuts, and sunflower seeds, and this will help your muscles to have energy.

In order for you to get your body energy, you also need protein, and while meat is one way by which you can get your protein quota for the day, you can also get it by eating nuts or by drinking protein smoothies. Widgets

You can get healthy, long-lasting energy from fruits, vegetables, and oats, while carbohydrates and sugars will give you bursts of energy with subsequent crashes! Widgets

Finally, if you have been eating the right foods but find that you are still feeling tired, there is a chance you are eating too few meals; rather than eating three “square” meals per day, try spacing out your meals, eating five or six smaller meals throughout the day, as this will keep your body from having to digest so much food at once, and will therefore keep your body feeling more awake.

It is not difficult to gain energy naturally; all you need to do is know the right foods, and make sure you are including these foods in your diet!


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