Great Campfire Cooking

When you go camping with your family, one of the best parts of the trip will be the campfire at night – firstly because it gives everyone a congregation point, where they can hang out, relax, and chat, but secondly because the campfire means some seriously good eating at the end of the day!

Here are a few food ideas for you to keep in mind if you are planning to take a family camping trip this summer – and if you are not planning to take a camping trip this summer, these ideas just might inspire you to change your mind!

Of course, a campfire is not complete unless you have some s’mores, but while many people simply roast their marshmallows and throw them on a graham cracker with a couple squares of chocolate, you can actually improve your s’more experience a great deal by simply adding one more step: after you have put the s’more together, wrap it in tin foil and set it on the hot coals for about five minutes. You will have some deliciously melted chocolate to go with the marshmallow you already roasted once you unwrap the tin foil.

Another one of the staples of the campfire diet is the hot dog, but one thing you might consider is switching from hot dogs to bratwursts; when you roast bratwursts over a fire, you will have a tastier alternative to hot dogs that also fills you up more and keeps better on an extended camping trip!

Finally, it will be important for you to pick up a campfire cooking guide if you are hoping to make some truly delicious food on your trip  is an incredible resource for campfire cooking! Widgets

When you do campfire cooking the right way, eating around the campfire will not just be something “memorable” and “fun” – it will also provide you with delicious food!


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