Thoughts on Refinishing a Table.

Do you have a wooden table sitting in the garage or attic somewhere that needs repair and a bit of refinishing to bring it back to life? Refinishing wood is a great way to bring the life and luster back to the wood. Wood furniture is great to have because you can refinish it so easily if you wish to.

A sanding mouse is a very handy to strip off the old urethane or shellac that may be on the wood piece. You will also need multiple different grit of sand paper starting as low as 80 or even as low as 50 if needed. This is very course paper that will take off most of the old finish and get you back down to the natural wood again. You will then need to sand with progressively higher grit paper (the higher the number the finer the grit) to take out any scratches made by the 80 grit paper. You will also have to purchase sand paper sheets that you can use in areas you are not able to get into with a mouse sander.

Very fine steel wool will be your final sanding medium.  This completely takes the scratches out that the sand paper has left and removes the dust. Your wood should have a silky smooth feel at this point if the sanding was done correctly. Use a lint free towel to remove any remaining dust on your piece.

Now you will need to decide what color stain you may wish to add. Stain is ultimately optional as not everyone likes stain on their wood pieces. You can put a Finishing wax or a polishing wax over stain or bare wood to finish it off and seal it to protect it from water. These bring out the shine and life on your newly finished wood piece. The main thing is protecting the wood from water and that is really why you must put on a wax of some sort. Widgets

Before you begin your sanding project make sure you have safely glasses and a mask to keep the fine particulate out of your eyes and airways. You will also want to use the stain in a well-ventilated area and use latex or other chemically resistant gloves. You must keep your safetly in mind when you do this or any home project.




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