How To Satiate Your Thirst For Adventure

If you have an immense thirst for adventure, it can often be tough to simply sit around your house all the time – going to work each day, going to the grocery store, and doing all the other things that are part of “normal life” but are not part of adventure! If you are a person who is always longing for a bit of adventure, it is important that this desire be fulfilled, and by going about it the right way, this desire can be fulfilled without having to quit that job and leave the grocery store behind forever!

Regardless of how strong this thirst for adventure is for you, you can quench it by taking periodic adventures, as these “breaks” from everyday life are often the exact elixir adventurers need to have their sanity restored. Widgets

The first thing to realize, when it comes to planning these mini adventures, is that you probably have two weeks of vacation days each year, and you should plan to use them wisely. On top of all these vacation days, you also get at least five 3-day weekends each year (Presidents Day Weekend, Easter Weekend, Memorial Day Weekend, Labor Day Weekend, and Thanksgiving Weekend), and you get even more such weekends on years when New Year’s and Christmas fall in such a way that you get an extra day off; when you combine these lengthy weekends with the vacation days in your pocket, you have 15 or more opportunities throughout the year for lengthy weekends! Widgets

If you feel like you cannot live without getting your fair share of adventure, consider creating as many lengthy weekends as possible, and during these weekends, take trips that allow you to fulfill this desire you have to “get out there and do something.” And as you “get out there and do something” – making sure you vary exactly what it is you are “doing” each of these lengthy weekends – you will feel much more fulfilled with your weeks than you ever could have before!


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