Info About Bettas

As you walk through the local big box store you may not be able to miss that flashy little betta fish in the small jar by the pet section. These personable little fish are fun and perfect for a desk setting. Most think that these fish are great because they like to be kept alone, however this isn’t entirely true. It ultimately depends on the size of tank you are planning on putting them into. For example if you wanted to keep a single betta alone a 5-gallon tank would be perfect. If you would like to keep your betta with some quiet community fish such as tetras, you would want a bigger tank such as a 20 gallon. You should make sure not to house two betas together, or they most likely will kill one another.

As stated earlier a 5 gallon fish tank is perfect for a single betta fish. A small 2 to 5 gallon water heater  can help to keep the water a bit warmer and to their preference.

A filtration system is also a nice add for them as well. You can look at either a  underwater filter system  or a hang on back system for them.

They should not be added to a glass vase with peace lillies on top. Since bettas are not herbavores they will starve to death in this condition. Most people think they can simply live off the roots of the plant in the water. This could not be further from the truth. They require special food for optimum health. Widgets

Bettas also like some tank decorations to rest on. You can also add some live plants to the tank. You can find these at most big box pet stores along with some sources on line. Bettas enjoy resting on large leaf plants. Bettas are amazing fish who shouldn’t be kept in small tanks like most people seem to like to do. Spoil your betta and give them a bunch of room in a larger tank.


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