Healthy Alternatives To Brownies

When you are making your best efforts to eat healthy, one of the toughest things can be cutting out those “favorite” foods of yours that you know you really should not eat; and if one of these foods for you is a rich, warm brownie (covered in cold vanilla ice cream, thank you very much!), it can be especially difficult to say “no.” But if you are hoping to find a way to say “no” to your toughest temptations, your best bet is to find similar alternatives that are much healthier, and that will therefore lessen the desire for the food you crave while keeping your body in better shape.

If your favorite part of the brownie is really just the chocolate, one option is to simply consume a healthier form of chocolate; for instance, you can have chocolate covered raisins or chocolate covered almonds for dessert, or you can have dark chocolate – which is a great antioxidant.

If the reason you crave a brownie and ice cream is really because of the ice cream, consider having the ice cream by itself (instead of with the brownie), or replace the ice cream with something else that is cold and creamy, like yogurt.

Also, there are several ways you can make healthier brownies; if you make brownies from scratch, using cocoa, you will have a much healthier alternative to store-bought brownies; you can also replace butter with apple butter, and you can look up recipes for brownies that do not use flour. Widgets

Finally, moving away from the treat entirely is the best way to replace such foods as brownies – replacing the “dessert” portion of your night with something that is tasty and sweet, but is still healthy; there are a number of cookbooks with healthy dessert ideas, and when you pick up one of these, it can be much easier to make the switch away from brownies.

When you try to replace something in your diet (especially something as delicious as brownies!), it can be difficult at first; but the more you work toward finding replacements, the more quickly you will be successful!


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