What To Do About Ticks

If you enjoy being in the woods, you know that this is tick season. No one likes wood ticks because they are creepy and crawly. You have more reason then this to dislike them though.  Ticks are carriers of many diseases such as Lyme disease, Rocky Mountain spotted fever and anaplasmosis. You don’t want to catch any of these things. Reduce the ticks on you and you reduce your chances of contracting these diseases.

Lyme Disease “Bullseye” Rash

Ticks are problematic because as they eat your blood they burrow in a bit to your skin. It is very important to take care when removing the tick to make sure it is completely removed. Using a set of round edged tweezers is the best tool you can use to remove a tick that has gotten on you. You must carefully remove the tick with gentle pressure in order to fully remove it. If you are not able to remove the tick fully, or are not comfortable removing it you need to seek medical attention.

The best way to deal with ticks is to not get them on you in the first place. Using a combination of different sprays may be the best way to combat the little nippers. You can get permethrin Premium Insect Clothing Repellent that can be sprayed onto your clothing to kill ticks. Permethrin is a neurotoxin to bugs but, with the exception of cats, is relatively safe for use around mammals. This is not to be used on skin.

If you wish to put a spray on your skin in combination of using the permethrin on your clothing, an insect repellant wipe may be a great way to go. You can reduce the chances of ticks getting on to your skin with these wipes since they contain 30% deet. The deet should be washed off of your skin when you are done outside. What is nice about the wipes is you don’t have to worry about breathing in the aerosol spray like you do when you use a bug spray.

Wearing long pants (tucked into your socks when walking in tall grass), long sleeved shirts and a hat will help keep ticks from finding their way to your skin. Check yourself and your children carefully when you return from a trip outdoors, especially in the woods. While dog ticks are big enough to see and feel easily, deer ticks (the type that carries Lyme Disease) are as small as the period at the end of this sentence, so check carefully.

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With a little care you can reduce your chances of actually having a tick bite you. Plus your chance of getting tick borne illnesses is greatly reduced.


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