The Storage of Wine

If you are wishing to increase your wine collection, you should really take some time to learn proper wine storage. Although it can be tough to keep wine in perfect conditions there here are some tips to help. The first thing you need to learn is the worst thing for any wine, be it red or white, is long exposure to air.

For anyone who seriously drinks and stores wine a wine saver kit is a must have. The principle behind this kit is preserving the bottle of wine after it has been opened. Air causes chemical changes in the wine and the changes are not good. By sucking out the air after you have poured your glass and capping it with a specialized stopper can slow down the wines demise to air.

It is also extremely important to store the bottles of wine correctly. Wine bottles should always be stored either on their sides or upside down to keep the wine on the cork. If the cork stays moist because of the contact with the wine, it will remain fitting in the bottle well and keep out the oxygen. There are a wide range of racks that can be at your disposal depending on your taste.  You can find modern and artistic racks to very traditional wine cabinets very easily. Unfortunately you will not be keeping your bottles of wine chilled with either of these two options. Ultimately this is not the perfect solution for keeping wine but it is better then keeping the bottle upright on a counter. If you do store your wines at room temperature, it may be beneficial to you to purchase an automatic chiller. Widgets

If you really want to keep your wine as close to perfectly as you can, you really want to invest in a wine cooler. Wine is not only preserved better but it is at the optimal temperature for serving. Depending on your wishes you can find anywhere from a basic model to very advanced climate controlled units. You should really purchase the best that you can afford in this case. To avoid getting expensive vinegar from expensive wine, care should be taken in the wines storage.


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