Making Iced Coffee Without A Cold Press

If you want to make really great iced coffee, your best bet is to use a cold press, such as the @@AMAZONTEXT;B0006H0JVW;Toddy T2N Cold Brew System@@, but although a cold press is @@AMAZONTEXT;B0006H0JVW;a relatively inexpensive investment@@, you might still need to know how to make good iced coffee without one – until you finally click on that link and make the purchase!

The benefit of a cold press is that it takes out the acidic taste that comes from brewing hot coffee; while the acidity is less noticeable when you drink your coffee hot, it can severely impair the taste of your coffee when you try to drink it cold – unless you take the right approach!

The first thing you should know about turning your “hot coffee” into “iced coffee” is that you should sweeten your coffee while it is still hot; this means that, as soon as you have finished brewing your coffee, you should mix in the sweetener or sugar you want to have in your drink.

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You can also improve the taste of your coffee by taking it off the burner right away, as this will keep the coffee from having an undesirable “burned” taste. As soon as your coffee is finished brewing, turn off your coffee pot, sweeten your coffee, and put the coffee into the refrigerator, allowing it to cool.

A couple hours later, your coffee should be cool enough for you to prepare your iced coffee; put some ice in a cup and pour the coffee over it, and then add the half and half or cream; make sure you add the half and half or cream after the coffee, as it will otherwise end up sticking to the ice and clumping up in your coffee!

It might be impossible to achieve the absolute best in coffee taste when you do not use a cold press, but when you make your iced coffee in this manner, you will come about as close to optimal taste as is possible without having all the right tools to work with!


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