Exploring Natural Laxatives

Discussing constipation is not a fun thing to do, but it is even less fun to deal with, and if you happen to be dealing with constipation yourself (or if you have dealt with it before and want to know what to do better should it happen again), it is better to know how to deal with it naturally instead of picking up some over-the-counter laxatives that are otherwise not great for your body!

When it comes to natural laxatives, the great thing is that they also encourage regular bowel movements in your daily life, which means that you can avoid constipation by adhering to the same general tips that will allow you to cure constipation should it occur.

Many of the best ways to add natural laxatives to your system is with fluids; the best way of all to prevent constipation and to chase away constipation is to stay hydrated, drinking at least a gallon of water per day, but other things to try (should you find yourself constipated) are prune juice, carrot juice, and coffee, all of which should help to get your bowels going.

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You probably already know that fiber is a good thing to get into your body, but what you might not have realized is that – even beyond the foods you are eating – eating on a regular schedule will help you to enjoy regular bowel movements, while you can deal with irregular bowel movements when you do not eat on a regular schedule.

Three other foods that work well as natural laxatives are watermelon, honey, and molasses; by adding any of these to your diet, you will help to prevent constipation, and by including these in your diet when you are constipated, you will help to clear up the problem.

In and of itself, constipation is not an illness, but is actually an indication of an illness (or of a problem in your digestive system); if you have tried these steps and they have not helped to clear up the problem, consider visiting a doctor to find out what you can do differently!


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